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Class Policies

All Dance Alive payments are due prior to services rendered.
Payment forms accepted are:
Cash, check, or Credit Card, (Visa, MasterCard, Amex accepted)


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Payment Options

Single Class Access - $25 for 3 Day RentalMonthly Membership Unlimited Online Access - $75 per Month

  • Once Access is purchased, there are no refunds on Single Class or Monthly Membership.
  • If you are on a recurring Monthly Membership subscription, it is your responsibility to cancel before the next charge goes through. Refunds will not be issued once a Monthly Membership subscription charge has been processed.

Previously purchased 8 Class Packages expired as of 7/31/2022.​


Space is limited.
In order to guarantee your spot in the workshops, advanced registration is recommended.
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Payment Options

$65/single$200/series of 4

Advanced RegistrationYou can book up to 60 days in advance for Monthly Workshops.

Cancellation of WorkshopCancellations made with less than 7 days advance notice will be charged in full with no credit.Cancellations made with more than 7 days notice, credit of the amount paid is applied to your account and can be used for future Intensives, Workshops or Weekly Classes (not Training Sessions or Focus Pods).

  • Auto-Enroll See policy below (DA Office Automatically Enrolls Student in Workshops).

Advanced registration is required.

TCN  RequirementsApproval by Mariane Karou and/or your Dance Alive coach.

Payment Options

For the 6-Month TCN Series

  1. Paying in full at the start of the series- $750 (125$ each)
  2. Pay  $125/month for 6 months.      a.  Deposit $125 due to register (applies to first month’s payment).     b.  $125 monthly payment contract– automatically charges on 1st of each month, for 5 more months.

For the 12-Month TCN Series

  1. Paying in full at the start of the series- $1,200 (100$ each)
  2. Pay  $100/month for 12 months.      a.  Deposit $100 due to register (applies to first month’s payment).     b.  $100 monthly payment contract– automatically charges on 1st of each month, for 11 more months.

​Cancellation of Take Charge Now

Whether you choose to pay in full or pay monthly, you are financially responsible for all 6 or 12 months,whether or not you attend all 6 or 12 sessions, as you are purchasing a spot in the series.


Registration through office, and payment prior to class is required.

A La Carte Registration
$150/single a la carte
Registration must be made through the office via phone, email or online prior to attendance.

Cancellation of TCN A La Carte
You need to cancel 14 days or more in advance of any given TCN single day enrollment to receive creditof $150 to your account for future use for  TCN Days (a la carte), Workshops, or Weekly Classes(not Private Training Sessions or Empowerment Pods). Cancellations made with less than 14 days advance notice will be charged in full with no credit.

​*Change in TCN Monthly Payment Type
$15 fee per change​


Space is limited.
Advanced registration is required.

Empowerment Pod Requirement
*Approval by Mariane Karou

RegistrationContact the office via phone or email to register.

$225 per Pod/per month for a 6 month cycle.  You will be charged the 1st of each month.
Minimum 6 month commitment.

You have a spot in the pod you are signed up for. You will be offered your spot for the next cycle before it is offered to anyone else. Your spot will not be filled  unless you choose to not continue.

Change in Pod Monthly Payment Type $15 fee per change​

Weekend Workshops Auto-Enroll

“Ride the Wave” & “Inner Rhythms”

a. Contact the Dance Alive Office to Sign Up for Auto Enroll for Monthly "Ride the Wave" and/or "Inner Rhythms" workshops.
b. You are automatically enrolled in "Ride the Wave" and/or "Inner Rhythms" workshops, and do not need to sign up online or through the office.
c. Your credit card on file will be charged to purchase a new Weekend Workshop Series, when your current series is used up.
d. To cancel your reservation for a Sunday "Ride the Wave" and/or "Inner Rhythms" workshops, e-mail as soon as you know you will not be in attendance, to cancel your reservation.
e. If you cancel 7 days or more prior to the start of the workshop, your account will be credited for the workshop.
f. If you cancel less than 7 days prior to the start of the workshop, a workshop will be deducted from your package.


There will be no refunds if you cancel your registration for any Dance Alive event. You may transfer your credit to your account for use at another time only if you have communicated via email within the time frames outlined in each of the above Program Policies.There are no refunds for Ride The Wave or Inner Rhythms Weekly Class Purchases (Single Online Class or Monthly Memberships)


The Late Payment Policy will apply to all payments for services, whether you are paying by credit card, cash or check.If you have not paid for services you have signed up for according to the terms described below, a 10% Late Fee will be added to the original payment amount due, and a 1.5% per month interest charge will be added for any unpaid balances that are at least one month old. All payment for services are due prior to services rendered. Payment due dates are specific to each program (specified below):

Terms describing when your payment is due:

TCN Monthly Payment - 1st day of the month preceding the next TCN meeting. If TCN is in Jan or July, your payment is due on Dec. 1 or June 1.
Empowerment Pod - 1st day of the month preceding the next Pod.
Private Private Sessions - 48 Hours ahead of your next scheduled session.
Workshops - At the time of registration.
Intensives - At the time of registration.

Credit card payments declined: If you have given us your credit card information, and have agreed that we can automatically charge your card to pay for Classes, Workshops, Private Sessions, Empowerment Pods, and/or Take Charge Now, and if your credit card is declined for payment, we will send you an e-mail notice at the moment the card is declined. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to reconcile the declined charge, either by providing an alternate credit card number, transferring sufficient funds to your bank account, or arranging to bring cash or a check in person. If you do not reconcile the unpaid charge within 72 hours of the time the charge was initially declined, we will add a late fee to your amount due, equal to 10% of the declined charge.Any unpaid balances more than one month old will incur an additional 1.5% interest charge per month.

​It is your responsibility to:

  • Ensure that we have the most up to date e-mail address and phone number for you.
  • Make sure that you are receiving our e-mails (regularly checking your e-mail, checking your spam folder, etc).
    Late fees will not be excused if you tell us that you never received the e-mail.
  • Let us know as soon as you find out if your card stored on file with us is no longer valid because it is lost, stolen, expired or anything else.
  • Maintain sufficient funds in your account so that charges are not declined.

Bounced Check Fee- $25

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🌈OUR INCREDIBLE CELEBRATION of RICH’s Life TODAY, one year after Rich left his earth body🌈 We danced in the sun, in the rain, receiving his presence with us ALL🌈 His deep love, steady energy, and encouragement of us all, TOTALLY LOVING OUR LIVES♥️🔥🖐🏽 Birds swarmed in a vortex above us 🦅🌀🌟 Two rainbows appeared as we departed our beach ceremony🌈🌈 The Song came on the radio✨ “Hello from the other side”✨ He is here with us ALL, available to us ALL, NOW STRONGER and MORE THAN EVER🙌🏽🌈🔥♥️☄️🌈☀️🌏🌺 Open to receive his energy, presence, and LOVE🌺♥️🌈 #celebrationoflife #celebrationoflove #powerfamily #lovefamily #strongerthanever
🌈 🌈1 yr after Rich left his earth body today ♥️Mariane’s Letter to Rich♥️ “My love, The time has come again when the white jasmine blooms And memories of your strong hands working the garden fill me. I miss you so so much.. I wish I could have just one more day, or hour or even a minute with you to hold your hands and we look into each others eyes But that will never happen again in this body with your body with me. I need to say goodbye and let go because that’s the truth. I can feel you and I do feel you all around me…holding me, encouraging me. You are where you need to be. I’m so glad you didn’t suffer as you transistioned. You are helping all of us so much. Thank You so much for your love…and dipping your hands in helping me get my house in Laguna and Kristi’ her house And bringing us all together…living near each other. You know that is what I wanted always…to live near my family. Thank you for making it all possible. Thank your our house and gardens and for helping Natasha and Tal work together and live here and care for our beautiful home. Thank you for loving me always, saving my life and seeing me and getting me even more than I got myself. Thank you for loving me Always. I’ve been so blessed We’ve all been so blessed. My heart is so filled… Thank you for bringing me Quan Yin and Archangel Michael. Thank you for helping our whole family and everyone in Dance Alive and all your business and friends consistently. Thank you for embracing me and loving me always. May I live inside my gratitude and blessings always This is how I fill up Not asking for more right now I’m asking to live in my gratitude and blessings now and forevermore. I am love… I am movement… I am eternal… We are together now and forevermore. (… letter continued in comments below👇🏽)
🔥THIS IS WHAT WE TRAIN IN!💪🏽 LIFE IS HARD🌊🌊🌊 And trying to make it EASY just makes is HARDER😆 So what do you do!?🔥 BUILD SKILLS, so you can NAVIGATE IT at OPTIMAL!🌍💥 This doesn’t mean you don’t feel challenged! This means you MEET CHALLENGE, you INCLUDE how you feel! And you see what is needed… and DO IT🙌🏽👣🌊🔥 The more you are able to meet and move with life! Receive feedback and give feedback, and LEARN! You are truly a FREE BEING! Who is not run by emotions or circumstances, or other people. ✨♥️🌊🐬YOU CAN MOVE🐬🌊♥️✨ #youcanmove #movementculture #lifetraining #mindset #capableofcourage #cando
WHAT A SAFE SPACE AND COMMUNITY CAN DO FOR YOU!!!❤️🙌🏽🔥 When you have a container held, you can blossom, you can unwind, you can heal, you can GROW🌿 You receive steady input, steady encouragement, steady belief, steady space, steady direction! This is what we all need to grow into the beautiful being that we are! 🌟 To do this in COMMUNITY🖐🏻🖐🏼🖐🏽🖐🏾🖐🏿 is the GREATEST GIFT! We go so much farther together when we are on a team, then we do on our own!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 We’d love to have you!!❤️🖐🏽 Link in bio for all our classes, workshops & trainings! IN PERSON & ONLINE COMMUNITY🌟 #consciouscommunity #movementcommunity #leadershipdevelopment #embodiedmovement #embodiedhealing #embodiedleadership #embodiedliving #lifetraining
🔥AWARENESS can TRAP YOU! It is a TOOL! A STEP in the movement of growth and evolution, but if you STOP AT AWARENESS you are missing the key CHANGE HAPPENING!🌟 The key is to have new awareness and then MOVE & DO SOMETHING based on that awareness!! That’s where TRUE CHANGE really happens🌈🌎 Awareness gives you a certain amount of dopamine that makes you feel good! Which is amazing! But many people stop and feel complete once they have the insight and feel good chemistry! So RECEIVE the AWARENESS, and then… WHAT ACTION AM I GOING TO DO BASED ON THIS NEW AWARENESS!? Comment 👇🏽 and let us know what new ACTION you are taking TODAY or THIS WEEK based on a recent awareness! We will CHEER YOU ON🙌🏽❤️🔥🖐🏾 #awareness #truechange #personaldevelopment #gamechanger #movement #takeaction
✨THE MAGIC OF MOVEMENT!!!🌊✨ Want to feel more settled, connected, present, energized, and effective!?🔥 Here is your KEY🔑 These classes guide you deep into YOURSELF, into greater fluidity, strength, love of life, and agility!🐬 Two week FREE TRIAL of our movement membership 🔥HAPPENING NOW🔥 You have access to TONS of recorded classes, and are also able to join our community online or in person WEDNESDAY NIGHT!🌟 We can’t wait to MOVE with YOU!🌊🙌🏽❤️ Link in bio🔗🌟 See you on the MOVEMENT FLOOR! #movementismedicine #movementculture #movementislife #movementcommunity #movementclasses #embodiment #masterteacher
🔥THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY🔥 NEXT WEDNESDAY April 3rd!!!🌊 MARK YOUR CALENDAR! 12-1pm PST! 🌟LIVE Q&A with Visionary Founder Mariane Karou!! 🔥FIRE AWAY!!!🔥 Ask Mariane ANYTHING YOU WANT about your relationships, your health, your family, your kids, your work, your marriage, your life direction and MORE!!!🙌🏽❤️ Receive the transmission🐬 of her masterful WISDOM in response TO YOU🌟 Come together in community! You will receive SO MUCH by listening and being a part of the field of movement ✨HAPPENING✨ We can’t wait to HAVE YOU!!! Wednesday APRIL 3RD! 12-1pm PST🌟 Zoom Link!🌟 (Link in comments as well for easy copy and paste!) Password: FIRE 👋🏽Tag a FRIEND! 🌟Share to you stories! 🗣️Spread the word 🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥🌊🌎🌟 #askmeanything #askmequestions #wisdom #wisdomwednesday #visionaryfounder #lifewisdom #relationshipadvice #businesstips #marriagetip #parentingtips
🐬Happy Birthday to this MAGICAL FORCE OF NATURE!!🌊🔥 Bringing Movement to the world since 1952!🌏🐬🩵 Thank you for LEADING US ALL to RIDE THE WAVES OF LIFE! With GRACE, with COMMITMENT, with RESILIENCE, with HONESTY, with INTEGRITY, with PURPOSE & PASSION🌊❤️🔥 You are the same person EVERYWHERE YOU GO! You are open and accessible, you are clear and direct, you are loving and kind, with the power of a thousand horses behind you!!! Thank you for being SUCH a STRONG and DEDICATED LEADER! For showing us all how to deeply connect within ourselves, access our genius, our brilliance, and how to BRIDGE this into every day life! To build teams and families and communities that THRIVE! We love you and appreciate you BEYOND WORDS!❤️🌟 #founder #visionary #thisis72 #thisis70 #originalmover #visionaryfounder #movementculture #movementcommunity #movementmaker
🔥OWN YOUR AUTHORITY!!!🌟 Whatever skills you’ve developed, wisdom you’ve earned, OWN IT! It’s yours! When you OWN YOUR AUTHORITY you naturally SELL❤️🔥🖐🏽 Your energy sells because you are connected and confident in what you KNOW🔥 And there IS SO MUCH YOU KNOW!!! Are you ready to STEP INTO OWNING, all that you KNOW!?🔥 🌟It’s TIME🌟 Whether you feel like it or not, STEP INTO YOUR POWER🔥🙌🏽🔥 and see what HAPPENS🌈🌈🌈 #ownership #innerpower #knowing #intuition #leadership #embodiedleadership #wisdom #sales
✨Receive this frequency✨ This transmission will calm your nervous system, unwind your mind, and bring you into a state of body mind spirit coherence❤️🌟 This is INNER RHYTHMS deep body meditation. The foundation from where all movement, life, creativity emerges. The more you dive inside, the more awakes and activates in your inner intelligence and wisdom🌟 Enjoy, and check out our link in bio for free 14 day unlimited access membership to these classes and workshops✨✨✨ #meditation #deepmeditation #meditationclass #meditationpractice #masterteacher #nervoussystem #nervoussystemregulation #nervoussystemhealing #breath #breathe
🌊TEAMPLAY is not just a skill, it’s a BELIEF🌟 It’s the #1 Value in Dance Alive🌎 And it’s Mariane greatest belief that she HOLDS and carries with her everywhere she goes and with everyone who she relates to! Start to notice of TEAMPLAY is a belief in your life! And if it’s not, THAT’S OK! You haven’t developed that belief yet… and YOU CAN!!! EXPAND YOUR MIND AND CONSCIOUSNESS to OPEN TO TEAMPLAY!🌟 You are being guided into greater TEAMPLAY within yourself in EVERY CLASS AND WORKSHOP!! How to teamplay with yourself and others🙌🏽🔥🙌🏽 Is Teamplay a BELIEF AND VALUE IN YOUR LIFE!?🔥❤️🙌🏽 #teamplay #leadership #beliefs #values #corevalues #mindset #community #consciouscommunity
Your SPINE🐍 Has so much INTELLIGENCE!!! So much power! Your spine connects to your entire nervous system! So the more you MOVE your spine, the more you ACTIVATE greater vitality, wisdom, and balance! MOVE YOUR SPINE TODAY!!! It doesn’t matter how it looks! It matters how it FEELS TO YOU! So close your eyes, feel into your spine, MOVE through your spine, and feel the magic of what happens✨ #spine #spinalmobility #spinalwaves #spinalflow #moveyourspine #moveyourbody #nervoussystem #nervoussystemregulation #nervoussystemhealth
🔥DONT SKIP THIS STEP! This is you OWNING & BUILDING your FOUNDATION!!!🌈🌈🌈 Once you do this STEP, then you can look at your next steps!👣 And then those next steps will be coming from a solid foundation of acknowledgement🙌🏽❤️ verses in unstable ground of you trying to prove something to yourself or others, or get ahead faster, that will ultimately burn you OUT🔥 THIS PRACTICE gives you ENERGY, CONFIDENCE, and STABILITY IN YOURSELF!!!🌎❤️💫 #selfconfidence #selfacknowledgent #ownership #success #selfconfidence #confidence #innerstrength WHO’S IN TO PRACTICE THIS!?!?🔥❤️🙌🏽
🔥YEP🔥 This is the TRUTH!!🌟🌟🌟 We may have been brainwashed out of this, but this is what we keep coming back to here. This ultimate truth. That we are WISE and TUNED IN beyond what we can even comprehend🌟 But we have learned to only use a very very very small percent of our wisdom, or learned to block it, or shut it down. ❤️This is what we are doing HERE in community!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 RE-AWAKENING to our INNATE GENIUS! And cultivating the LISTENING. So we can hear and receive the information, intelligence, and WISDOM that lives in our bones, our tissues, our cells✨✨✨✨✨ It’s INSIDE of us! And we just need direction and practice to KEEP going back to this CONNECTION🔥✨🐬🌊🌈 #genius #borngenius #innateintelligence #innatewisdom #innervoice #innerwisdom #innerguidance #innerwork #consciouscommunity
🔥THIS IS A MASTER SKILL🔥 To be able to RIDE THE WAVES🌊 of your life ALL THE WAY THROUGH! It can be easy to jump off, in the beginning when it’s hard, in the middle when it’s mundane, at the end when it gets harder, at the very end when it’s time to receive!❤️ Riding waves is not always comfortable! But it is DEEPLY FULFILLING❤️🌊🔥✨ The more you learn to DO THIS in your BODY, the more you can do this in your ENTIRE LIFE👣🌈🐬 It requires practice! And the result is: GREATER STRENGTH GREATER CONFIDENCE GREATER PRODUCTIVITY GREATER SATISFACTION 🔥ETC🔥 Join us in the MOVEMENT!🌊 Links is BIO🌟 Movement Workshop with Tierra Karou & Mariane Karou in LA & Online this SUNDAY 9-1:30 pst🌊🌊🌊 📸of Tierra @movement.mama teaching at our last Sunday workshop! Come RIDE THE WAVES with US🙌🏽🌊👣🐬🌈 #movementculture #movementtraining #ridethewave #ridethewaves #ridethewavesoflife #trainbeforeyouneedit #athletemindset #move

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