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Class Policies

All Dance Alive payments are due prior to services rendered.
Payment forms accepted are:
Cash, check, or Credit Card, (Visa, MasterCard, Amex accepted)


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Payment Options

Single Class Access - $25 for 3 Day RentalMonthly Membership Unlimited Online Access - $75 per Month

  • Once Access is purchased, there are no refunds on Single Class or Monthly Membership.
  • If you are on a recurring Monthly Membership subscription, it is your responsibility to cancel before the next charge goes through. Refunds will not be issued once a Monthly Membership subscription charge has been processed.

Previously purchased 8 Class Packages expired as of 7/31/2022.​


Space is limited.
In order to guarantee your spot in the workshops, advanced registration is recommended.
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Payment Options

$65/single$200/series of 4

Advanced RegistrationYou can book up to 60 days in advance for Monthly Workshops.

Cancellation of WorkshopCancellations made with less than 7 days advance notice will be charged in full with no credit.Cancellations made with more than 7 days notice, credit of the amount paid is applied to your account and can be used for future Intensives, Workshops or Weekly Classes (not Training Sessions or Focus Pods).

  • Auto-Enroll See policy below (DA Office Automatically Enrolls Student in Workshops).

Advanced registration is required.

TCN  RequirementsApproval by Mariane Karou and/or your Dance Alive coach.

Payment Options

For the 6-Month TCN Series

  1. Paying in full at the start of the series- $750 (125$ each)
  2. Pay  $125/month for 6 months.      a.  Deposit $125 due to register (applies to first month’s payment).     b.  $125 monthly payment contract– automatically charges on 1st of each month, for 5 more months.

For the 12-Month TCN Series

  1. Paying in full at the start of the series- $1,200 (100$ each)
  2. Pay  $100/month for 12 months.      a.  Deposit $100 due to register (applies to first month’s payment).     b.  $100 monthly payment contract– automatically charges on 1st of each month, for 11 more months.

​Cancellation of Take Charge Now

Whether you choose to pay in full or pay monthly, you are financially responsible for all 6 or 12 months,whether or not you attend all 6 or 12 sessions, as you are purchasing a spot in the series.


Registration through office, and payment prior to class is required.

A La Carte Registration
$150/single a la carte
Registration must be made through the office via phone, email or online prior to attendance.

Cancellation of TCN A La Carte
You need to cancel 14 days or more in advance of any given TCN single day enrollment to receive creditof $150 to your account for future use for  TCN Days (a la carte), Workshops, or Weekly Classes(not Private Training Sessions or Empowerment Pods). Cancellations made with less than 14 days advance notice will be charged in full with no credit.

​*Change in TCN Monthly Payment Type
$15 fee per change​


Space is limited.
Advanced registration is required.

Empowerment Pod Requirement
*Approval by Mariane Karou

RegistrationContact the office via phone or email to register.

$225 per Pod/per month for a 6 month cycle.  You will be charged the 1st of each month.
Minimum 6 month commitment.

You have a spot in the pod you are signed up for. You will be offered your spot for the next cycle before it is offered to anyone else. Your spot will not be filled  unless you choose to not continue.

Change in Pod Monthly Payment Type $15 fee per change​

Weekend Workshops Auto-Enroll

“Ride the Wave” & “Inner Rhythms”

a. Contact the Dance Alive Office to Sign Up for Auto Enroll for Monthly "Ride the Wave" and/or "Inner Rhythms" workshops.
b. You are automatically enrolled in "Ride the Wave" and/or "Inner Rhythms" workshops, and do not need to sign up online or through the office.
c. Your credit card on file will be charged to purchase a new Weekend Workshop Series, when your current series is used up.
d. To cancel your reservation for a Sunday "Ride the Wave" and/or "Inner Rhythms" workshops, e-mail as soon as you know you will not be in attendance, to cancel your reservation.
e. If you cancel 7 days or more prior to the start of the workshop, your account will be credited for the workshop.
f. If you cancel less than 7 days prior to the start of the workshop, a workshop will be deducted from your package.


There will be no refunds if you cancel your registration for any Dance Alive event. You may transfer your credit to your account for use at another time only if you have communicated via email within the time frames outlined in each of the above Program Policies.There are no refunds for Ride The Wave or Inner Rhythms Weekly Class Purchases (Single Online Class or Monthly Memberships)


The Late Payment Policy will apply to all payments for services, whether you are paying by credit card, cash or check.If you have not paid for services you have signed up for according to the terms described below, a 10% Late Fee will be added to the original payment amount due, and a 1.5% per month interest charge will be added for any unpaid balances that are at least one month old. All payment for services are due prior to services rendered. Payment due dates are specific to each program (specified below):

Terms describing when your payment is due:

TCN Monthly Payment - 1st day of the month preceding the next TCN meeting. If TCN is in Jan or July, your payment is due on Dec. 1 or June 1.
Empowerment Pod - 1st day of the month preceding the next Pod.
Private Private Sessions - 48 Hours ahead of your next scheduled session.
Workshops - At the time of registration.
Intensives - At the time of registration.

Credit card payments declined: If you have given us your credit card information, and have agreed that we can automatically charge your card to pay for Classes, Workshops, Private Sessions, Empowerment Pods, and/or Take Charge Now, and if your credit card is declined for payment, we will send you an e-mail notice at the moment the card is declined. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to reconcile the declined charge, either by providing an alternate credit card number, transferring sufficient funds to your bank account, or arranging to bring cash or a check in person. If you do not reconcile the unpaid charge within 72 hours of the time the charge was initially declined, we will add a late fee to your amount due, equal to 10% of the declined charge.Any unpaid balances more than one month old will incur an additional 1.5% interest charge per month.

​It is your responsibility to:

  • Ensure that we have the most up to date e-mail address and phone number for you.
  • Make sure that you are receiving our e-mails (regularly checking your e-mail, checking your spam folder, etc).
    Late fees will not be excused if you tell us that you never received the e-mail.
  • Let us know as soon as you find out if your card stored on file with us is no longer valid because it is lost, stolen, expired or anything else.
  • Maintain sufficient funds in your account so that charges are not declined.

Bounced Check Fee- $25

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You have the POWER, the choice in each moment, to keep living in the PAST, or to STEP INTO YOUR FUTURE!🌈 So many of us live TIED⛓️ to our limiting beliefs, values we grew up with, modeling we received, and we FORGET the immense POWER that lives in every cell and tissue of our BEING!🔥♥️🌊 We all have a past, traumas of varying degrees, ways we have been hurt, challenged, and this is some of our greatest fuel to actually CHANGE OUR LIVES! Or some just want a comfortable life with not as much change! However it is our NATURE🌊🌲⚡️🔥☀️ Our nature is NOT to stay the same! We are evolving beings with consciousness and desire and feelings, which… if you OPEN TO IT… has the power to CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!!!! Ask yourself: ✨What stories am I holding onto for safety? ✨What beliefs do I have that are keeping me small? ✨What past circumstances am I letting become my prison guards? ✨What can I let go of in this moment? ✨What greatness can I STEP INTO & CLAIM for myself? ✨How can I open to my greater CHANGE AND EVOLUTION TODAY!!?? These are some of the essential questions to ask yourself daily, weekly, monthly!!!!🔥☄️🌈☀️⚡️ It is YOUR NATURE TO CHANGE!💥 Will you allow yourself to let go of the familiar safety patterns that hold you back, and will YOU EMBRACE CHANGE TODAY!?!?🌏🌟 #changequotes #change #changemaker #changeyourthoughts #letgo #letgoandgrow
🔥KEY LIFE SKILL HERE Y’ALL!!!!♥️🙌🏽 Something we practiced ALL WEEKEND IN OUR INTENSIVE the last two days!!! How to receive support & receive from others! This is the key to FLOW OF ENERGY on a team! Being willing to give fully and receive fully. If you micromanage, there is no flow and receiving, and if you don’t expect others to contribute there is no flow of energy! This is the key to a HEALTHY TEAM🙌🏽🌟🐬 and to having sustainable energy all day long! Being able to GIVE AND RECEIVE SUPPORT! Are you feelin this!? Heart it, share it, let us know how this IMPACTS YOU!!🖐🏽♥️🌈🔥 #team #receive #receiveit #receivesupport #dreamteam #dailyinspiration
🔥THIS WEEKEND🔥 GET READY! For your life to completely transform and evolve from the INSIDE, out🌊🌟🌊 This is your opportunity, to be LIVE with Mariane! And LIVE with our whole incredible community, to make DEEP RIPPLES OF CHANGE in every tissue, every cell, every fiber of your BEING! When we come together in community, we IMPACT each other, and we can all go so much further into ourselves, into the field of movement, and create impactful change that ripples into our own health, relationship, career, families, communities! This is your chance to 🌊DIVE IN🌊 to your next level of movement in your life, and to generate the energy you need to bring through whatever it is that you are most DESIRING right now in your life! THIS IS THE TIME🌟 THIS IS THE SPACE🌈 THIS IS THE OPPORTUNITY💥 SIEZE IT!!!!!⚡️🌊⚡️ This Saturday and Sunday LIVE IN LA!!! June 8&9, 9-6 PST☀️ 🗣️Comment “YES” below and we will send you more info!🌈 We can’t wait to MOVE WITH YOU!!🙌🏽 #movementculture #movementismedicine #movementcommunity #embodiment #embodiedleadership
The KEY🔑 for SUCCESS IN LIFE🔥 If you want to keep growing and expanding in yourself and in your life, THERE WILL BE STRESS! And if you don’t expand, there will also be stress! So there really is no way to AVOID STRESS! It’s how you MOVE🔥 with it that either builds and tears you down! Listen to this video for HOW to MOVE with STRESS🙌🏽🌊🔥♥️🌈 What reached you/ inspired you from this video? Let us know in comments!🌟 #lifetraining #resilience #mindset #movementculture
⚡️Recap from our INCREDIBLE 🔥”Take Charge Now” Embodied Leadership Training this past weekend! There is nothing like having a safe space 🖐🏽and community to learn, grow, meet your edges, transform yourself, rewrite your history, and TAKE CHARGE in your LIFE🙌🏽🔥🌟 What we can do together is SO MUCH MORE than we can do alone!🙌🏽♥️🔥🌟 Check out link in bio to join one of our classes or workshops🐬 And TAKE ON your next LEVEL of your own EVOLUTION🌏🌊🌈🙌🏽🌟 #embodiment #embodiedleadership #embodiedliving #lifetraining #community #communicationskills
🔥ARE YOU READY!?🔥 This is POWERFUL! YOU are powerful!🌟 You are MOVEMENT, the fabric of the universe, we are ALL made of MOVEMENT, a part of movement, in the movement of all that is occurring. 🌺OPEN TO THIS🌺 Feel this truth. And keep allowing your MOVEMENT to unfold🌊🌊🌊 #movementculture #movementismedicine #keepmoving
🔥THIS IS A SKILL🔥 & YOU CAN BUILD!!!💪🏽🌟 What gets in the way of us taking ACTION in our lives? FEELINGS!!!!!! We have a feeling that is uncomfortable and we RUSH or HESITATE! The key is being able to EMBRACE the FEELING and welcome it. Not loop in your head. Or take immediate action. Embrace the feeling. And then open to what is actually NEEDED? What is the inspired action needed to build you and build the team in this situation? And then GO DO IT!🌟 It is simple but not easy! Being ABLE to MOVE through this cycle is ESSENTIAL to moving and producing in your life!🔥🙌🏽 The more you practice this, the faster and more effective you get at being ABLE to problem solve, teamplay with others, and CREATE!🌈 This upcoming weekend at Dance Alive workshops we will be 🔥TRAINING🔥 in this!! The mechanics, the mindset, the tools to build YOUR SKILL, of TRANSFORMING feelings into ACTION!⭐️ Join us and DIVE IN, for EMBODIED LEADERSHIP workshop! Deep Body Meditation! & Dynamic Movement!🙌🏽🌍🌊🐬🌟♥️ Link in bio @dancealivemovement to find out MORE🌟🌟🌟 #embodiedleadership #emotionalintelligence #losangeles #lifetraining #embodiment
🔥WE ALL HAVE FEELINGS!🔥 To HARNESS, USE, and TRANSFORM feelings into ACTION, CHANGE, and GROWTH is a MASTER SKILL🌟🔥🙌🏽 To be OPEN to feeling without blocking or pushing down, or flooding and overflowing with feelings… requires greater AWARENESS & MOVEMENT SKILLS!🌊🐋🌊 Come DIVE IN to PRACTICE how to build these skills inside yourself, in relationship, and on a TEAM🙌🏽🔥🌟 So that you become a 🔥MASTER🔥 of TRANSFORMATION🌟 and are able to USE your intelligence to EFFECTIVELY CREATE, TEAMPLAY, PRODUCE, HEAL, NOURISH, RELATE!!! In every area of your LIFE!🌈🌈🌈 We’d love to have YOU!!!🙌🏽♥️🌊 May 18 & 19 in LA & Streamed ONLINE💫 🔗Link in BIO to find out more!🔥 #transformation #leadership #embodiedmovement #embodiedleadership #embodiedliving #movementculture #lifetransformation
🗣️PEOPLE ALWAYS ASK!🔥 “WHAT IS MOVEMENT!?”🌊 “I’m not good at Dancing, what is Dance Alive!?”💃🏻 It’s not JUST moving your physical body, OR dance at all🌟 It’s how you MOVE THROUGH LIFE, moving with all of your internal intelligence and connection!🌈 The more you ALIGN and get all parts of you ON BOARD, ACTIVATED, INITIATING, MOVING, the more health, the more vitality, the more growth you see in yourself, your relationships, your work, your WHOLE LIFE!🙌🏽🔥💫 This is a highly disciplined practice that brings greater JOY, GRIT, and EXPANSION to your whole being❤️ Check out link in bio to DIVE IN🌊 and experience THIS MAGIC🙌🏽🔥🌟🌈🌎 #movementculture #movementismedicine #integrity #emotionalintelligence #alignment #movement
🌏What a world to LIVE IN!!!!!🙌🏽♥️🔥 Can you imagine!?🌟 This is what we get to EXPERIECE at Dance Alive!!!🐋 A fertile environment to learn and grow and blossom into YOURSELF, more and more!!!🪷🌷🌺♥️ You are trained how to think and use your brain, how to access greater intelligence of your heart, gut instincts, and intuition, and to DEEPEN your anchor of presence inside your own body!🔥 The more you do the work/play/exploration, the greater COHERENCE you bring into your entire LIFE! Get started and JUMP IN🐬🌊💦 We have a free 14 day trial of our MEMBERSHIPS! In person and online classes! Link in bio!🌈 #movementismedicine #movementculture #coherence #heartcoherence #consciouscommunity #lifeskills
Any guesses??☄️ 🌟🌟🌟YOUR VALUES🌟🌟🌟 These are your roots, the foundation from which all your thoughts, feelings, and actions COME FROM!🌲🌲🌏🌊♥️🙌🏽 We pick these up… to the plus and minus… from our families, friends, the culture, advertising etc. We may not consciously choose them‼️ This is where the movement is so VITAL! Movement takes you to connecting with YOURSELF! So you are aware and can feel what your values are currently. They show up in your actions, in your relationships, in your movement! And when you connect inside to YOURSELF, you are able to connect to what is ACTUALLY IMPORTANT TO YOU!🐬 You are able to re-write and consciously CHOOSE what your values are! The values are underneath all the movement, all the leadership, all the trainings we do in Dance Alive🙌🏽🌊🌲🔥 The Dance Alive Vaues are: 1. TEAMPLAY🐬 2. BE OPEN🌺 3. EXPLORE🌀 4. COMMIT🔥 5. BE RESILIENT🌊 Read more about them on our website ✨ link in comments! What are some of your core VALUES?♥️ #values #corevalues #teamwork #explore #commitment #resilience #beopen
🌟“I DID IT!” This is a MASTER SKILL🔥 Mariane does this with HERSELF DAILY! Hourly! ALL THE TIME! She trains her grandkids in it, and all her students! This is KEY to MOVEMENT🙌🏽🌊 You need to give yourself this ACKNOWLEDGMENT! It fuels you to take your next step ORGANICALLY🌎👣❤️ And from inspiration and energy versus push and force!🔥❤️🌈 ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF FOR ONE THING YOU DID TODAY in the comments BELOW👇🏽❤️ No task is too small to ACKNOWLEDGE!💫 GO ACKNOWLEDGE WHERE “YOU DID IT!” 💫🔥❤️🔥💫 #selfacknowlegement #acknowledgment #ididit #leadership #movementtraining
🎉FROM OUR AMAZING STUDENTS! 🌊Dance Alive has transformed to many people and KEEPS transforming us all DAILY!!!🌟 Mariane Karou (our visionary founder) always says “This is the educational system of the FUTURE!” And it IS!🔥🙌🏽 A place to come unlock yourself, unleash yourself, and TAP your TRUE ESSENCE and BEING!⚡️ Connect to yourself and MOVE in your entire life! The ripples can’t help but HAPPEN🌊🌊🌊🌟🌟🌟🌈🌈🌈 Come experience the ✨MAGIC✨ Wednesday Night Movement🌊 Monday Night Meditation🌏 And ALL THE TIME MEMBERSHIPS!⚡️ Links in BIO! Check it all out!🌟 DM us for two week free trial of membership with unlimited videos and in person/ online classes!🔥🙌🏽🌊🐬 See you on the MOVEMENT FLOOR🙌🏽👣 #movementismedicine #movement #movementculture #leadership #lifetraining #unleashyourpower
⚡️WE NEED TREMENDOUS SKILLS TO NAVIGATE THESE TIMES!🌟 As the world speeds up, we need to be able to speed up, slow down, and stay on the BEAT of what is needed, while staying connected to the BEAT of our own bodies and systems! This is why Dance Alive @dancealivemovement is SO IMPORTANT!🌊❤️🔥🌎 It trains you in HOW TO MOVE through life! Through the world! While staying connected and true to yourself, and also able to move with external rhythms and timings!🖐🏽🖐🏿🌎🔥🌟 Through meditation, movement, and leadership classes and workshops, You BUILD THESE SKILLS🙌🏽💯 So that you can THRIVE in your health, in your relationships, in your work, and in the WORLD!🌎 🌈COME JOIN US!🌈 We have 2 weeks free for both our memberships right now!❤️ Movement & Meditation memberships! TONS of classes, in person, online, and 24/7 library💫 DM us to find out more!❤️🖐🏽🔥 We can’t wait to MOVE WITH YOU!!! #movementtraining #movementculture #lifetraining #leadership #meditation #speedup #slowdown
🌈OUR INCREDIBLE CELEBRATION of RICH’s Life TODAY, one year after Rich left his earth body🌈 We danced in the sun, in the rain, receiving his presence with us ALL🌈 His deep love, steady energy, and encouragement of us all, TOTALLY LOVING OUR LIVES♥️🔥🖐🏽 Birds swarmed in a vortex above us 🦅🌀🌟 Two rainbows appeared as we departed our beach ceremony🌈🌈 The Song came on the radio✨ “Hello from the other side”✨ He is here with us ALL, available to us ALL, NOW STRONGER and MORE THAN EVER🙌🏽🌈🔥♥️☄️🌈☀️🌏🌺 Open to receive his energy, presence, and LOVE🌺♥️🌈 #celebrationoflife #celebrationoflove #powerfamily #lovefamily #strongerthanever

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