Dance Alive

Movement Forms

Drop In

Settle Deeply Inside
​“Sense all that is occurring right now, you have all the time and space in the world.”
- Mariane Karou

Drop IN to who you ARE.

Drop In is the foundation for staying connected to yourself, your truth, and knowing what to do in any situation.Drop in is the movement form that takes you into connecting to the source of all creation.  Deep within us all lies the magnificent being that we actually are.  In order to access this space inside, we need our precise attention, our dedicated fortitude to bypass the myriad of thoughts, so we can listen to the calling of our own soul.  This happens as you allow all of what is occurring within you to occur, without trying to change what is happening in any way.  To uphold this level of presence with pure acceptance sets a foundation for you to connect with your truth and live according to your values.

By allowing sensation to exist, without adjusting, fixing or reacting, the body can neutralize all feeling and a deeper level of knowing is discovered.  Through the allowing of breath and the unwinding of your history held in your cellular tissues, you are able to continue to delve deeper into the unknown vast intelligence that lies within you. In relationship, Drop In is the foundation for staying connected to yourself, your truth and knowing what to do in any given situation.Your internal barometer is always turned on, so as you listen,  you can find the direction that is most needed for any relationship you are in.  

By allowing sensation to exist, without adjusting, fixing or reacting, the body can neutralize all feeling and a deeper level of knowing is discovered.  Through the allowing of breath and the unwinding of your history held in your cellular tissues, you are able to continue to delve deeper into the unknown vast intelligence that lies within you.

In relationship, Drop In is the foundation for staying connected to yourself, your truth and knowing what to do in any given situation.Your internal barometer is always turned on, so as you listen,  you can find the direction that is most needed for any relationship you are in.



  • Calms, stimulates, and balances all the body systems.
  • Paces the cerebral-spinal fluid and stimulates whole brain function.
  • Builds the immune system.


  • Unwinds and heals trauma stored in the whole system.
  • Expands your capacity to feel and a deep acceptance of all feelings states.
  • Heightens your  ability to be empathetic and compassionate.


  • Increases mental calm, relaxation, and clarity.
  • Develops the ability to alter brain wave frequency from beta, alpha, and theta, to delta.
  • Increases creative thought processes and intuition.


  • Increases your ability to orient to a whole team.
  • Increases your ability to create warmth and inclusiveness.
  • Heightens your ability to be sensitive and creative while working with others.

Flow Easy

Move Softly & Steadily
​“Move Softly, Smoothly & Steadily! Easy! Easy! and even Easier!
Allow each movement to unfold into the next."
- Mariane Karou

FLOW EASY is about learning how to move on a foundation level, so you can move into action, while staying connected to your whole system.​

The body is approximately 80% water. Every message that travels through the body (via nerves, blood vessels, lymph, etc) travels through fluids. When practicing Flow Easy, you can learn to access the fluid system, and tap into the vast intelligence you contain within.

In Flow Easy, you move according to the natural design of your body, without mental interference. As one movement flows into the next, your fluid motion activates your entire being to heal and balance itself organically, and function as a unified whole. There is no push or pull in fluid movement. Like water, which moves around all obstacles and adapts itself with complete ease, you can learn to move around all tension, pain and density through the pathways of least resistance. Sourcing and moving with this continuous flow is deeply healing and regenerating. It is the foundation of all the subsequent movement forms and the formation of life itself.

In relationship, Flow Easy allows your defenses to soften and your sense of separation to dissolve as you learn to harmonize with another. It cultivates your ability to adapt to another personʼs rhythm and to navigate with ease around conflict, creating harmonious rapport. You learn to respect and honor your own pace, timing and rhythm while in relationship with others.



  • Develops your ability to soften connective tissue which creates more elasticity and pliability.
  • Massages internal organs, increases the ability to feel vital.
  • Heightens vital, sensual energy.


  • Releases held emotion stored in the cells.
  • Release body armor and protective defense patterns.
  • Stabilizes the flow of emotions, and increases your ability to allow emotion.


  • Opens new neural pathways via the nervous system to the brain.
  • Activates synapses that bridge right and left brain communication.
  • Increases your ability to problem solve creatively.


  • Develops the ability to listen and be receptive.
  • Develops the ability to be in flow with self while with others.
  • Develops the ability to relaxed, responsive, and maintain intimate connection with another.

Reach Out

Let Go & Expand
​“Reach out only as far out as you can reach deep inside. Create balance as you move deeper in and further out."
- Mariane Karou

Reach out is the movement that opens, lengthens and expands the entire physical body incrementally in all different directions and shapes. It keeps our bodies open, fluid, and cohesive by balancing the tension throughout our body as we move.

Where there is too much tension in one area, there is too little tension in another. The body then creates compensation patterns in order to stay in balance. Balanced tension is what keeps us connected throughout our entire body.

Movement is constant change and within each moment a new balance is needed. Since we live in constant motion, we always need to continually re-adjust our level of tension inside our bodies.

By learning Reach Out, you are learning how to align with gravity; Drop in to the Earth and then gradually initiate movement. Reach Out is the bridge needed to take action while staying connected throughout your whole system. Reach Out is the bridge between Drop In, Flow Easy and Power Up, which requires letting go while generating effort and increasing resistance. Reach out will gradually train you to inhabit your entire body one movement at a time, building a relationship between letting go and strengthening at a gradual pace.

Reach Out trains you how to combine ease with effort and to gradually and incrementally add more effort as you are moving with ease. This way as you move into your maximum output you have built a strong foundation in which to operate from.​​

Reach Out is the movement form which creates links and bridges polarities. In nature, opposites always exist to maintain balance. As movement continues to occur, the balance is constantly shifting, generating a new balance point every second. Reach Out is practical training for creating and maintaining balance in a world of shifting change. In Reach Out, you create bridges inside your body and into the world – connecting the inner to the outer, fluid to tissues, tissues to bone, the me to you –unfolding and unwinding internally as you reach out externally. By moving incrementally in opposing directions simultaneously, you expand on balanced pathways. This creates tremendous fluid stretching throughout the entire body.

In relationship, Reach Out guides you into reaching simultaneously into yourself and out to another, creating connection. This connection, when established and maintained, cultivates the ability to meet another and reach into their world while remaining centered and present in your self.



  • Increases flexibility through loosening joints and muscles.
  • Neurological re-patterning your entire system.
  • Creates balance of tension between the fluid and muscular systems.


  • Increase our ability to move with feeling, as opposed to away from feeling.
  • Opens new pathways in which emotions can flow.
  • Increases your capacity to sustain feeling.


  • Helps link internal with external awareness.
  • Increases focus throughout the body’s geometric structure and new possibilities of thinking.
  • Promotes mental balance through Increasing your ability to hold opposites.


  • Develops your ability to stay connected to your own feeling and organic flow while reaching out into another person’s world.
  • Develops your ability to extend and adapt to others.
  • Expands your ability to balance resistance and flow together.

Power Up

Commit Deeper & Build Strength
"Strength is built by meeting challenge.
Commit deeper so you can generate as much energy as is needed right now to meet the challenge that is in front of you."
- Mariane Karou

Power Up is pure love of life in action. In doing Power Up, you exert yourself in every action you are doing. You feel the life force inside of you... awakened. You give your all, into the movement. You can fully connect with your enthusiasm for whatever you are doing, whether you like it or on’t like it, whether you feel comfortable or uncomfortable.

POWER UP is a choice in every moment.

POWER UP is a commitment to engaging fully and exert yourself into the action you are doing right now. You find more life force by breathing deeper, letting go of holding back, engaging more fully, pressing more firmly, and pulling, reaching and stretching to your very edge of where your body can go, expressing yourself clearly, directly with the target you are going for.

Power Up primarily accesses the muscular system. It enables you to move with strength as you utilize resistance internally and externally. The use of resistance increases your ability to define structure and maintain contact. Through the incremental movement of contraction and release, you learn how to gracefully utilize your structure as a natural support system for generating action. This trains you to be self-reliant as you increase the effort you are exerting.

In relationship, Power Up guides you to create harmonious resistance appropriate to the power levels between you so that no one is dominating or being dominated. It increases your ability to meet confrontation and to create and maintain separation from another personʼs experience. In addition, it teaches you how to be respectful of and work within structure so that you can fit into systems and team play.



  • Develops muscular system, and trains muscle chains vs. isolated muscles.
  • Develops stability, balance, and coordination.
  • Increases strength and stamina and core conditioning.


  • Develops your ability to be in charge, harness and direct of your emotions.
  • Increases your ability to contain and manage your emotions.
  • Opens you to a deeper capacity to feel.


  • Develops your ability to use the mind, sharpen your focus and increase your concentration  to shape and cooperate with  the body.
  • Develops your ability to manage and direct thoughts.
  • Develops your ability to be precise and attentive to detail.


  • Develops your ability to stand your ground,define and inhabit your space.
  • Develops your self confidence and body image.
  • Develops your ability to be assertive, interact fully  and handle confrontation well.

Gotta Move

Initiate Change & Respond Quickly
​“ Do what is needed now, without pushing, forcing or hesitating.  Pay attention to your timing and the timing of  your whole team."
- Mariane Karou

Gotta Move is change.

You feel an impulse in your body. You let this sensation exist, pause and feel and move from this impulse. I put my attention on where I’m not moving, not feeling. I open to feeling here and moving here NOW. I constantly shift my attention and respond. I am responsive, in the moment, non-linear coherency.Gotta Move is what I do after I feel the full cycle of the wave, from the beginning to the very crest.

Gotta Move is the splash, spraying in all different directions, the breaking of the form and structure as a result of the completion of a cycle. Once the wave has fully formed, a movement occurs and the splash is created where it disperses in all different directions. This movement form requires letting go and moving with the chaos, where reorganization happens.

In this disbursement of energy, we can either fight it or flow with it.In my body, I am done and ready to move on whether I feel like it or not, a new movement is needed now for the movement cycle to keep going.

We have our bodies timing and we have others timing. Our timing requires we listen to the timing within our own bodies. Natures cycle is not on everyone’s individual timing, it is the timing of the whole system, whole planet, whole solar system, galaxy, whole universe. This is the macro-system. Where the macro-system intersects with the micro-system, which is our individual timing is where Gotta Move exists. Time to move within...and time to move as is required to be on the larger wave of motion.​

Gotta Move expands your capacity to change. It accesses the skeletal and nervous systems as you are guided to move with the stream of impulses that are constantly flowing through you. In Gotta Move, you are either allowing or initiating change. Change always creates varying degrees of chaos because the structure you once held as stable is being reorganized. This disruptive process trains you to become more flexible and adaptable to change with a continually moving center as your base. Thus your system becomes increasingly capable of being responsive, alert and interactive.Gotta Move inspires the body to fully reorganize and re-balance by breaking up rigid, impeding patterns and creating more fluid, spontaneous connections. This creates new neural pathways, thus opening more opportunities for increased intelligence and freedom of movement on all levels.In relationship, Gotta Move increases your natural expression, vitality and passion for life. It expands your ability to allow and initiate change and enter into new domains. It activates your ability to be spontaneously responsive and interactive with another, and to give a relationship room to move and grow. This is needed for health, freshness and vitality in any relationship.



  • Increases your energy and vitality through accessing, activating and stimulating deeper channels of your nervous system, fluid systems, skeletal, muscular, lymph and most systems of the body.
  • Builds stamina and endurance.
  • Increases agility and flexibility.
  • Emotional

    • Releases withheld emotions as you unlock old trauma and withheld pain.
    • Increases emotional freedom of expression and activates joy.
    • Increases more open and honest communication.


    • Activates creative and non-linear thinking.
    • Frees the mind to free associate and brainstorm.
    • Quickens, relaxes and calms the mind.


    • Increases the ability to be spontaneous, playful and have fun.
    • Increases the ability to be adaptable and flexible.
    • Increases the ability to be responsive, exploratory  and interactive.

    From Our Students

    Mariane has a unique and extraordinary ability to understand the mechanics of vitality and break them down into very tangible movement skills that anyone, regardless of their physical or mental circumstance, can learn.

    She adds to this a deep commitment to each individual she works with to discover their highest personal potential. Mariane has created the framework by which I'm able to have a career that I love, and more vitality than I thought possible.

    Sam M.

    One of the things that I have been most impacted by in Dance Alive is the emphasis on TEAM PLAY.

    Teamplay is something that I have not had much exposure to. Even being on soccer teams, surf teams, group work classes etc… in almost all of these areas the is an emphasis on individual performance-  “you want to look good, and even if you are on the team, you want to be the star of the team”… and one thing I have really learned from Dance Alive, that I’ve been able to practicing and integrating into my work, is that WORK is really about a group of people working together to create something.  At the core, if you want to be most effective, you want to utilize all the tools that all the people on your team bring. This is such a different approach and way of thinking about work than “I want to produce something good, so I look good…” The truth is, you probably DO think: “I want whatever end product we create to be a freaking awesome end product.” And, the way it will be the most awesome end product is if you utilize your collective intelligence. So I’ve really got introduced to that way of thinking through Dance Alive, and have been slowly integrating that into my work. I feel like it has made a dramatic difference.

    Ki K.

    Through my work in Dance Alive I have been able to get way more jobs than I did before I was training rigorously in Dance Alive.

    As a substitute teacher, I am always waiting for somebody to call me to get hired for a job that day.  And with my precise, sort of, understanding of how finances and giving your full attention and energy to a job has become more refined, I have gotten so many more calls and I feel that I have to turn away jobs because people want me to work for them and sub for them.

    Amber H.

    This is really a class where you get to explore how your body moves and how you move with others, this is not rank and file ballet training or something like that.  I love it; it is like being a little kid on a play ground….

    Michael S.

    What I have been learning and practicing is how to work really well with my husband and our team together. There are a whole lot of things to do and not to do, to say and not to say. I’m learning when to speak up, when to internally process, and also just make mistakes, learn by doing and getting feed back in the relationship.

    Tierra K.

    Take Charge Now is the best investment I have ever made in my personal life, my relationships, and in my career!

    It has taught me how to set goals that I am connected to, reach them without sacrificing the balance of my whole life, and to thoroughly celebrate my successes. By utilizing the moment–to-moment dynamics within the group as a teaching tool, Mariane, has found a way to bridge knowledge with experience. I walk away from every session with skills that I can immediately apply in all areas of my life. Participating in this leadership program has dramatically changed my attitude towards life, challenge, and fulfillment. I highly recommend this work to anyone willing to grow and change and enjoy life more fully!

    Syndee S.

    Dance Alive has been enormously effective for me in my life in Learning How to Learn…. I am learning how to approach life like it is a discovery, as opposed to this is how life is supposed to be… fit into these pre-set categories that are predetermined.  

    The brilliant thing that I have discovered through Dance Alive is living from being in relationship with this organic, alive system that I am, and when I run into a challenge in my life, I have actually have access to the intelligence inside my body.  This is profoundly useful in my life.  And that is something that I have found really unique to Dance Alive… is being able to get that very organic, internal connection and then translating that into how I handle an area in business or an area with my child.  Having that connection to my own knowing is such a profoundly useful resource that Dance Alive provides.

    Maude C.

    Mariane has a steady, smooth, firm, caring, sharing, and vivacious dedication to being herself.  

    She more than talks the talk, or walks the walk, she dances the dance!

    Mike N.

    Take Charge Now has taught me the skills I needed to start my own business, balance my work with recreation, and maintain the healthiest relationships I have ever known.

    Take Charge Now also has taught me how to manage my fear and anxiety, which formerly had prevented me from taking on new challenges. I can’t emphasize enough how utterly powerful Mariane’s teaching is: there is nothing out there like it.

    Michael S.

    I think the most Important thing I have learned about relationship in Dance Alive, is how to Listen, really listen to someone.

    I have found that as my skill in the partner movement exercise has increased, my ability to follow where my partner in relationship is going has increased and my ability to back her up in the direction she is going has really improved.

    Michael S.

    Dance Alive is a whole educational system, and there are a few things that it does that are really unique, that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

    All the information that it shares is already out there- you can read it in books, watch it on videos, its stated and used in different language, stated by different people. Ok….. so I read a book on how to have an awesome marriage,  that doesn’t mean I can DO what is needed to have an awesome marriage- there is a lot more needed than just reading some words on a piece of paper. At Dance Alive you are exposed to what is really needed- the DOING, practicing over and over again with feedback by someone who is an expert in the field. You want to do that with a dynamic group of people, both one on one, in small groups, large groups, that’s how we learn! This type of learning integrates into your whole body, not just reading, copying, memorizing.  It is about actually integrating something into your being, and then finding how you express that concept and take ownership over your learning. That is how the whole Dance Alive system is designed.  It’s designed based on that principle.  All the classes are based on learning by DOING.

    Ki K.

    Dance Alive is an integrated body/mind system that is practically applicable to “real life” outside of the classroom.

    I have learned how to be a better husband, father, employer and friend.  I get more energy, focus, ability to start something quickly, maintain it, and then also stop as needed.  I have also been able to access ”whole body strength” and I have FUN doing it!

    Terry C.

    Dance Alive has been and continues to be a profoundly amazing, radical and cutting edge education that has helped me transform my life by transforming myself from the inside out.

    It is impossible to convey in a short testimonial the abundance of learning cultivated and awakened in this space and the gifts acquired that keep on giving. One such precious and priceless gift is that I've learned how to open to the sheer joy and pleasure of being in my body and the absolute fun of moving and dancing. And that gift has also translated into learning how to meet life in all her totality and enjoy being alive through even the most challenging moments.

    Lee M.

    I have been astounded by the depth of what I have learned in Take Charge Now regarding group dynamics, positive interaction and human relating.

    As a psychiatrist I have had much exposure to studying group dynamics, and it is my whole hearted opinion that the Dance Alive program experientially teaches the art of human relating better than any other system I have ever studied. If you are wishing to increase your effectiveness, efficiency and become a leader in groups and in life in general, then this program is for you.

    Meredith S

    I love Mariane with all my heart….no difficulty there, and love her willingness to keep showing up and evolving and sharing from a place of complete authenticity.  You can trust that when she says something, she is telling you from a place of neutrality and authenticity. I’m so grateful that Mariane has been here, holding a space for us, to come and go, to be absolutely who we are, and to feel like we are home, in our souls, our hearts and our bodies.

    Myrna Rae B.

    One of the main things I’ve learned through Dance Alive my ability to be in relationship with another person.

    I notice how I hold my energy, whether it’s too far in, too far out or just right when I’m with someone else.  I’ve learned to bring myself out, bring my energy out, when it feels too far in, or bring it in when it feels too far out.  I think that practice of modulating my experience in myself, when I’m with someone else, and really looking to harmonize and team play with the other person…. is one of the key things I’ve learned about myself and have seen other people learn in Dance Alive.

    Terry C.

    Since participating in Dance Alive, my vital energy has significantly increased, as has my core strength and endurance.

    I am finding that I am far healthier and creative than I have ever been in my life, and that my energy and days run efficiently and consistently.

    Meredith S.

    As a result of being in Dance Alive my relationships are thriving.

    It’s given me the tools to approach any sort of unexpected situation with way more ease and way more confidence.

    Amber H.

    I learned the foundational skills of how to have a healthy relationship, from Dance Alive, in my marriage, and how to do that as a mother.

    Maude C.

    Dance Alive brought me out of my head and into my body and being, and it’s been a fascinating and joyful journey ever since.

    The classes provide a perfect bridge between my profession as a statistician and my passion as a yogini. Mariane is continuously evolving and synchronizing the Dance Alive system, so each class is newly inspiring. My experience in class naturally flows out into all areas of my life. I can relate to myself and others with much greater clarity and compassion. I have made participating in the Dance Alive top priority in my life, now that I’ve experienced the life-changing effects.

    Linda D.

    Mariane is incredibly gifted at seeing your strengths and gifts, and helping you to bring them forth into the world!

    She has an intuitive, down-to-earth, compassionate, and go-for-it approach to moving her students through layers of doubt, fear, and whatever is in the way of realizing our dreams. I have never felt so connected to my inner strength, vitality, courage, and pure joy
    of living than I do now after studying with Mariane.

    Meghan M.

    Results tell the truth.  The results over the 6 years that I have been in Dance Alive are that I have amazing relationships now that I didn’t have when I started Dance Alive…

    I was really hiding out inside myself and not letting anybody in.  I had a lot of suffering doing that.  I just saw everywhere where my life was not working.  Now, after all this Dance Alive experience, I can actually see where my life is working and where I am stronger and where my relationships are stronger.  Everyone in my family is learning from me as I am guiding and leading the way into more functional relationships and everybody else in my life is more functional in what they can do too.  It’s made a huge difference in how I relate with my husband and how my husband relates with me, how I relate with my kids and how my kids relate with me.  it’s priceless.

    Michell B.

    Through Dance Alive, I’ve become more connected to the inner experience of life - the life force that is moving through me.

    This connection has organically allowed me to take every area of my life - relationships, business, and personal well-being - to the next level, again and again. I practiced and studied yoga, movement meditation, and breathing for over 14 years, and nothing I’ve ever learned has come close to the effectiveness of the Dance Alive system. It just works. Period.

    Meghan M.

    Dance Alive consistently provides me with an exhilarating physical workout, a psychological cleansing and a spiritual teaching.

    It has supported a journey from divorce to happy marriage; a self image of ‘Sufferer’ to ‘Celebrator.’ I am forever grateful to Mariane Karou and her work.

    Fred S

    I’m so excited because I love problems now, because that’s how I learn.

    I learn by solving problems. It’s so much fun!

    Melissa F.

    After 5 years of coming to Dance Alive, I am finally beginning to realize that Inner Rhythms really is the foundation of all movement, the place where I connect with my body and spirit, so that I am able to bring myself authentically into my whole life and into all my relationships.

    This is the FOUNDATION, the place where I can deeply nourish, revitalize, source inspiration and knowing, and problem solve WAY more effectively and efficiently than I could just thinking about the problem. It is a rigorous practice to keep my attention in my body without interfering or drifting off, but the more I practice, the more I FEEL connected and nourished in every area of my life.

    Tierra K.

    When I started I had a lot of resistance and I didn’t want to cooperate.  Through Mariane’s hard work and persistence, I was able to break down my walls and really come into myself at a whole new level.  

    Things I learned here really helped me with being a teenager and being a young adult who is coming into the world and has to take things on and has to really fight for what he wants.  I have really learned to look at hard truths, how to look into myself and be a realist about what I am.  I have learned skills that most people think come for granted, but really people have to work for.  I have accumulated a storage of knowledge, skills and experiences that most eighteen year olds I do not think have.  If you were to meet me in the real world, you would see that I am not just an average 18 year old kid, and such a large portion of that comes from the time, work and energy I have put into myself at Dance Alive.

    Eden S.

    I have transformed my physical health.  

    I have had headaches since I was 6years old… taking tons of pain killers.  I was successful in unwinding my headaches and getting off painkillers and learning how to learn these tools to manage my health and as a result I am so much healthier and happier in all that I do.

    Maude C.

    In my work, using the Take Charge Now system has dramatically increased the productivity and morale among my employees and managerial team.

    I would highly recommend the study of Dance Alive to anyone who wants to be maximally effective in their life.

    Terry C.

    Mariane listens deeply to my heart's desire and my next step for growth, and guides accordingly.

    She guides me to access my own wisdom, truth, clarity, tenacity and resilience, and to relate to myself and others in and with love.
    She is a living embodiment of what she teaches and truly an inspiration.

    Lee M.

    Mariane Karou is the most gifted, effective teacher of life skills on this planet.

    I can recommend her unequivocally to anyone who wants to live life at the highest levels of functionality and who is willing to do the self-study, work and practice necessary to get the maximum benefit from her teaching and leadership.

    I think Mariane Karou has figured out how to be a healthy human being (in the highest sense of mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual health) and that she has developed a system and style of teaching and role modeling that is AMAZINGLY effective in helping other people to be healthy functioning human beings.

    Tom H

    One of the ways I apply Dance Alive is in my work, and in Team Playing with other people.  This is one of the big things that is taught and promoted at Dance Alive, is how to play well with others.  

    I have a number of employees, clients, venders and contractors that I deal with on a daily basis, and how it has really helped me is to real see other people as being “on my team”.  So taking me out of being harmfully competitive with somebody and bringing them on my team, seeing them as on my team, experiencing them on my team and then going into cooperation vs. competition.

    Terry C.

    What I have taken away from doing Dance Alive work on the relationship level is really how to read the underlying communication that somebody is giving.

    Ki K.

    Dance Alive has changed my life. It has taught me what natural movement is.

    Natural movement is like a child’s movement: fluid, balanced, and strong where it needs to be. As a yoga teacher, I understood how postures directly affect both the physical and mental health. But Dance Alive deepened and expanded my yoga practice. In practicing Dance Alive, I tapped into the natural, already healed and whole wisdom of my everyday movement. Each movement is either habitual and not aligned or is a step toward alignment. Dance Alive teaches me how to choose alignment and ease in each step.

    Sat Nam A.

    Mariane’s programs have completely revolutionized the way I live my life.

    Her programs have helped me to work, play, and rest with greater stamina, intensity, and relaxation in my body. I am now much healthier and feel way more alive.

    Michael S.

    Dance Alive is waking up my body’s own magic.

    In Dance Alive classes, I practice accepting, being with and moving parts of myself I’ve never moved before in an easy way with great music and Mariane’s incredible knowledge and spirit.
    Her example and teaching make it easy to acknowledge myself and begin to learn the deep physical, mental and emotional expression and expansion that is useful to my well being on every level…and fun!

    Mew S.

    I am impressed by Mariane’s supportive yet non-invasive approach which allows me to work at my own pace and reconnect with my true self.

    Over time I have learned not only how to access my vital energy but how to use it in my daily life to support and give power to the actions I choose to take. I know of no other system that offers the potent combination of freedom of expression and spaciousness with systematic challenge and vigor for the purpose of being fully in charge of one’s self than Dance Alive.

    Laura L.

    After being in Dance Alive, I’ve started my own business and built an amazing business that I love.

    I work with golfers, athletes, and business people, in connecting to themselves and helping them to increase their capacity to be more calm, focused and steadier in their lives.  I used to work on them and fix them.  Now I teach them to be the authorities in their own bodies.  They don’t have to give their power away to somebody else to say “fix me, fix me, fix me” I’ve learned through Dance Alive to help them build their and be super functional and super happy and really enjoy their lives, and their jobs and their relationships and their bodies. It is super powerful!"

    Michell B.

    The Dance Alive movement training has helped me increase my level of energy and vitality!

    I am participating in my life in such a bigger way, due to both the movement work and the Take Charge Now.  To really step up in your life in every way – this program is essential. Unlike other programs where it’s hard to apply the material after a week or two, Mariane teaches you in practical and useful ways to live life fully. Every class I attend is profound and useful and I notice amazing changes in my vitality, my relationships, and my career after each one.

    Michell B.


    Find answers to commonly asked questions about Dance Alive and our programs.

    What is Dance Alive?

    Dance Alive is an Embodied Life Training Program that encourages personal, relational, and business growth, through Dynamic Movement, Deep Body Meditations, & Embodied Leadership.

    Who is the founder?

    Mariane Karou is the Visionary founder of Dance Alive. She has been teaching for over 50 years and is a Pioneer in the field of Somatics, Movement, and Leadership! She is a dedicated guide who Empowers people of all ages, and at every stage of life!

    What are the core practices?

    The core practices of Dance Alive include:
    MOVEMENT - "Ride the Wave" Classes & Workshops
    MEDITATION - "Inner Rhythms" Classes & Workshops
    LEADERSHIP-"Take Charge Now" Workshops

    What are the benefits?

    Dance Alive offers Transformative Benefits, fostering a deep connection with yourself, greater alignment and clarity in your intentions, and greater movement skills to utilize to build your vitality, relationships, and wealth, with COMMITMENT & LOVE!

    How can I join?

    Click "See Our Programs" button above and sign up for one of our classes or programs! We look forward to MOVING with you!

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    🌈OUR INCREDIBLE CELEBRATION of RICH’s Life TODAY, one year after Rich left his earth body🌈 We danced in the sun, in the rain, receiving his presence with us ALL🌈 His deep love, steady energy, and encouragement of us all, TOTALLY LOVING OUR LIVES♥️🔥🖐🏽 Birds swarmed in a vortex above us 🦅🌀🌟 Two rainbows appeared as we departed our beach ceremony🌈🌈 The Song came on the radio✨ “Hello from the other side”✨ He is here with us ALL, available to us ALL, NOW STRONGER and MORE THAN EVER🙌🏽🌈🔥♥️☄️🌈☀️🌏🌺 Open to receive his energy, presence, and LOVE🌺♥️🌈 #celebrationoflife #celebrationoflove #powerfamily #lovefamily #strongerthanever
    🌈 🌈1 yr after Rich left his earth body today ♥️Mariane’s Letter to Rich♥️ “My love, The time has come again when the white jasmine blooms And memories of your strong hands working the garden fill me. I miss you so so much.. I wish I could have just one more day, or hour or even a minute with you to hold your hands and we look into each others eyes But that will never happen again in this body with your body with me. I need to say goodbye and let go because that’s the truth. I can feel you and I do feel you all around me…holding me, encouraging me. You are where you need to be. I’m so glad you didn’t suffer as you transistioned. You are helping all of us so much. Thank You so much for your love…and dipping your hands in helping me get my house in Laguna and Kristi’ her house And bringing us all together…living near each other. You know that is what I wanted always…to live near my family. Thank you for making it all possible. Thank your our house and gardens and for helping Natasha and Tal work together and live here and care for our beautiful home. Thank you for loving me always, saving my life and seeing me and getting me even more than I got myself. Thank you for loving me Always. I’ve been so blessed We’ve all been so blessed. My heart is so filled… Thank you for bringing me Quan Yin and Archangel Michael. Thank you for helping our whole family and everyone in Dance Alive and all your business and friends consistently. Thank you for embracing me and loving me always. May I live inside my gratitude and blessings always This is how I fill up Not asking for more right now I’m asking to live in my gratitude and blessings now and forevermore. I am love… I am movement… I am eternal… We are together now and forevermore. (… letter continued in comments below👇🏽)
    🔥THIS IS WHAT WE TRAIN IN!💪🏽 LIFE IS HARD🌊🌊🌊 And trying to make it EASY just makes is HARDER😆 So what do you do!?🔥 BUILD SKILLS, so you can NAVIGATE IT at OPTIMAL!🌍💥 This doesn’t mean you don’t feel challenged! This means you MEET CHALLENGE, you INCLUDE how you feel! And you see what is needed… and DO IT🙌🏽👣🌊🔥 The more you are able to meet and move with life! Receive feedback and give feedback, and LEARN! You are truly a FREE BEING! Who is not run by emotions or circumstances, or other people. ✨♥️🌊🐬YOU CAN MOVE🐬🌊♥️✨ #youcanmove #movementculture #lifetraining #mindset #capableofcourage #cando
    WHAT A SAFE SPACE AND COMMUNITY CAN DO FOR YOU!!!❤️🙌🏽🔥 When you have a container held, you can blossom, you can unwind, you can heal, you can GROW🌿 You receive steady input, steady encouragement, steady belief, steady space, steady direction! This is what we all need to grow into the beautiful being that we are! 🌟 To do this in COMMUNITY🖐🏻🖐🏼🖐🏽🖐🏾🖐🏿 is the GREATEST GIFT! We go so much farther together when we are on a team, then we do on our own!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 We’d love to have you!!❤️🖐🏽 Link in bio for all our classes, workshops & trainings! IN PERSON & ONLINE COMMUNITY🌟 #consciouscommunity #movementcommunity #leadershipdevelopment #embodiedmovement #embodiedhealing #embodiedleadership #embodiedliving #lifetraining
    🔥AWARENESS can TRAP YOU! It is a TOOL! A STEP in the movement of growth and evolution, but if you STOP AT AWARENESS you are missing the key CHANGE HAPPENING!🌟 The key is to have new awareness and then MOVE & DO SOMETHING based on that awareness!! That’s where TRUE CHANGE really happens🌈🌎 Awareness gives you a certain amount of dopamine that makes you feel good! Which is amazing! But many people stop and feel complete once they have the insight and feel good chemistry! So RECEIVE the AWARENESS, and then… WHAT ACTION AM I GOING TO DO BASED ON THIS NEW AWARENESS!? Comment 👇🏽 and let us know what new ACTION you are taking TODAY or THIS WEEK based on a recent awareness! We will CHEER YOU ON🙌🏽❤️🔥🖐🏾 #awareness #truechange #personaldevelopment #gamechanger #movement #takeaction
    ✨THE MAGIC OF MOVEMENT!!!🌊✨ Want to feel more settled, connected, present, energized, and effective!?🔥 Here is your KEY🔑 These classes guide you deep into YOURSELF, into greater fluidity, strength, love of life, and agility!🐬 Two week FREE TRIAL of our movement membership 🔥HAPPENING NOW🔥 You have access to TONS of recorded classes, and are also able to join our community online or in person WEDNESDAY NIGHT!🌟 We can’t wait to MOVE with YOU!🌊🙌🏽❤️ Link in bio🔗🌟 See you on the MOVEMENT FLOOR! #movementismedicine #movementculture #movementislife #movementcommunity #movementclasses #embodiment #masterteacher
    🔥THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY🔥 NEXT WEDNESDAY April 3rd!!!🌊 MARK YOUR CALENDAR! 12-1pm PST! 🌟LIVE Q&A with Visionary Founder Mariane Karou!! 🔥FIRE AWAY!!!🔥 Ask Mariane ANYTHING YOU WANT about your relationships, your health, your family, your kids, your work, your marriage, your life direction and MORE!!!🙌🏽❤️ Receive the transmission🐬 of her masterful WISDOM in response TO YOU🌟 Come together in community! You will receive SO MUCH by listening and being a part of the field of movement ✨HAPPENING✨ We can’t wait to HAVE YOU!!! Wednesday APRIL 3RD! 12-1pm PST🌟 Zoom Link!🌟 (Link in comments as well for easy copy and paste!) Password: FIRE 👋🏽Tag a FRIEND! 🌟Share to you stories! 🗣️Spread the word 🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥🌊🌎🌟 #askmeanything #askmequestions #wisdom #wisdomwednesday #visionaryfounder #lifewisdom #relationshipadvice #businesstips #marriagetip #parentingtips
    🐬Happy Birthday to this MAGICAL FORCE OF NATURE!!🌊🔥 Bringing Movement to the world since 1952!🌏🐬🩵 Thank you for LEADING US ALL to RIDE THE WAVES OF LIFE! With GRACE, with COMMITMENT, with RESILIENCE, with HONESTY, with INTEGRITY, with PURPOSE & PASSION🌊❤️🔥 You are the same person EVERYWHERE YOU GO! You are open and accessible, you are clear and direct, you are loving and kind, with the power of a thousand horses behind you!!! Thank you for being SUCH a STRONG and DEDICATED LEADER! For showing us all how to deeply connect within ourselves, access our genius, our brilliance, and how to BRIDGE this into every day life! To build teams and families and communities that THRIVE! We love you and appreciate you BEYOND WORDS!❤️🌟 #founder #visionary #thisis72 #thisis70 #originalmover #visionaryfounder #movementculture #movementcommunity #movementmaker
    🔥OWN YOUR AUTHORITY!!!🌟 Whatever skills you’ve developed, wisdom you’ve earned, OWN IT! It’s yours! When you OWN YOUR AUTHORITY you naturally SELL❤️🔥🖐🏽 Your energy sells because you are connected and confident in what you KNOW🔥 And there IS SO MUCH YOU KNOW!!! Are you ready to STEP INTO OWNING, all that you KNOW!?🔥 🌟It’s TIME🌟 Whether you feel like it or not, STEP INTO YOUR POWER🔥🙌🏽🔥 and see what HAPPENS🌈🌈🌈 #ownership #innerpower #knowing #intuition #leadership #embodiedleadership #wisdom #sales
    ✨Receive this frequency✨ This transmission will calm your nervous system, unwind your mind, and bring you into a state of body mind spirit coherence❤️🌟 This is INNER RHYTHMS deep body meditation. The foundation from where all movement, life, creativity emerges. The more you dive inside, the more awakes and activates in your inner intelligence and wisdom🌟 Enjoy, and check out our link in bio for free 14 day unlimited access membership to these classes and workshops✨✨✨ #meditation #deepmeditation #meditationclass #meditationpractice #masterteacher #nervoussystem #nervoussystemregulation #nervoussystemhealing #breath #breathe
    🌊TEAMPLAY is not just a skill, it’s a BELIEF🌟 It’s the #1 Value in Dance Alive🌎 And it’s Mariane greatest belief that she HOLDS and carries with her everywhere she goes and with everyone who she relates to! Start to notice of TEAMPLAY is a belief in your life! And if it’s not, THAT’S OK! You haven’t developed that belief yet… and YOU CAN!!! EXPAND YOUR MIND AND CONSCIOUSNESS to OPEN TO TEAMPLAY!🌟 You are being guided into greater TEAMPLAY within yourself in EVERY CLASS AND WORKSHOP!! How to teamplay with yourself and others🙌🏽🔥🙌🏽 Is Teamplay a BELIEF AND VALUE IN YOUR LIFE!?🔥❤️🙌🏽 #teamplay #leadership #beliefs #values #corevalues #mindset #community #consciouscommunity
    Your SPINE🐍 Has so much INTELLIGENCE!!! So much power! Your spine connects to your entire nervous system! So the more you MOVE your spine, the more you ACTIVATE greater vitality, wisdom, and balance! MOVE YOUR SPINE TODAY!!! It doesn’t matter how it looks! It matters how it FEELS TO YOU! So close your eyes, feel into your spine, MOVE through your spine, and feel the magic of what happens✨ #spine #spinalmobility #spinalwaves #spinalflow #moveyourspine #moveyourbody #nervoussystem #nervoussystemregulation #nervoussystemhealth
    🔥DONT SKIP THIS STEP! This is you OWNING & BUILDING your FOUNDATION!!!🌈🌈🌈 Once you do this STEP, then you can look at your next steps!👣 And then those next steps will be coming from a solid foundation of acknowledgement🙌🏽❤️ verses in unstable ground of you trying to prove something to yourself or others, or get ahead faster, that will ultimately burn you OUT🔥 THIS PRACTICE gives you ENERGY, CONFIDENCE, and STABILITY IN YOURSELF!!!🌎❤️💫 #selfconfidence #selfacknowledgent #ownership #success #selfconfidence #confidence #innerstrength WHO’S IN TO PRACTICE THIS!?!?🔥❤️🙌🏽
    🔥YEP🔥 This is the TRUTH!!🌟🌟🌟 We may have been brainwashed out of this, but this is what we keep coming back to here. This ultimate truth. That we are WISE and TUNED IN beyond what we can even comprehend🌟 But we have learned to only use a very very very small percent of our wisdom, or learned to block it, or shut it down. ❤️This is what we are doing HERE in community!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 RE-AWAKENING to our INNATE GENIUS! And cultivating the LISTENING. So we can hear and receive the information, intelligence, and WISDOM that lives in our bones, our tissues, our cells✨✨✨✨✨ It’s INSIDE of us! And we just need direction and practice to KEEP going back to this CONNECTION🔥✨🐬🌊🌈 #genius #borngenius #innateintelligence #innatewisdom #innervoice #innerwisdom #innerguidance #innerwork #consciouscommunity
    🔥THIS IS A MASTER SKILL🔥 To be able to RIDE THE WAVES🌊 of your life ALL THE WAY THROUGH! It can be easy to jump off, in the beginning when it’s hard, in the middle when it’s mundane, at the end when it gets harder, at the very end when it’s time to receive!❤️ Riding waves is not always comfortable! But it is DEEPLY FULFILLING❤️🌊🔥✨ The more you learn to DO THIS in your BODY, the more you can do this in your ENTIRE LIFE👣🌈🐬 It requires practice! And the result is: GREATER STRENGTH GREATER CONFIDENCE GREATER PRODUCTIVITY GREATER SATISFACTION 🔥ETC🔥 Join us in the MOVEMENT!🌊 Links is BIO🌟 Movement Workshop with Tierra Karou & Mariane Karou in LA & Online this SUNDAY 9-1:30 pst🌊🌊🌊 📸of Tierra @movement.mama teaching at our last Sunday workshop! Come RIDE THE WAVES with US🙌🏽🌊👣🐬🌈 #movementculture #movementtraining #ridethewave #ridethewaves #ridethewavesoflife #trainbeforeyouneedit #athletemindset #move